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We are keeping our prices the same for as long as we can.

We have not increased prices for 5 years, but paper is !00% up in price ,and ink is up, as well as all other overheads.

We will give a couple of months warning if we have to increase prices.


List of all 

Britannia products,click on pdf 

We offer the widest range of pages with over 1500 albums.

Excellent quality set of pages for single countries, omnibus editions and detailed pages

Britannia is based on the USA (Scott) system,We will be adding Stanley Gibbons based pages.

The detailed are based on the English (Stanley Gibbons ) system.

The detailed albums include watermark, perforation and colour variations.

All are available to order through this site.

For further information please browse the products page.

Pages have a space for each stamp with description, date, and value.

Illustrations of stamps are fine, but once the space is filled, they are not necessary, Britannia Albums has placed more emphasis on display and information.

Should you be unable to find what you are looking for within our website then please feel free to e-mail for the full list of pages and albums available now!

Unique Products, Unbeatable Prices

                                                               We use top quality white acid free A4 ( 210mm x 297mm ) paper. 

                                The pages are punched to fit a four ring binder, and each page is specially designed having a space for all                                                        stamp issues with the date, title and value of the stamp shown [no pictures].                                                                                                        The pages DO NOT have stamp mounts.

                                   All sets of pages include a title page and spine where relevant, with the country name and flag in colour.                                                                                                     

                                             Extra country headed pages, blank pages, and replacement pages are readily available.

                                                                                         Annual Supplements:

                                                               There is no set date for the release of supplements,                                                                                                                        as it is difficult to keep up with every country in the world.

                                                                 FREE SAMPLE PAGE AVAILABLE ON REQUEST.

                                           The pages are as accurate as they can be, typo's and other errors can occur.

                                                                    We will endeavour to fix these where possible.

                                                             To report an error please email us the following details.

                                         When you report an error, be sure to give us all the details of that individual page.
                 If you find a problem with the size of the stamp frames please give the exact size of the stamp in millimeters.

                                         Measure the stamp to the tips of the perfs and give the horizontal dimension first.

                                                                    We will then work out the size of frame needed.

                                                  In return Britannia  will send you the completed pages free of charge.

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Binders and Slipcases

We have 9 styles of binder in stock.


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